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MaYuki being adorable~ *fangirls*

from AKBINGO! 12.07.04 (yukirin’s quiz)



“the worst thing that someone has said to me until now”

mocchi: “something related to your nose!”


yukirin: “of course saying something about my nose is bad, but there is something worse than that!”

masuda: “oh I know I know! black marimokkori!”

yukirin: “wrong!! aaah another bad thing D’:”

myao: “hm…well, she looks like a gourd.”

*everyone laughs*

masuda: “I know! your waist is too long!”


yukirin: “that’s it! The first time it happened was when I was doing some photoshoots for a new music video wearing a swimsuit. And then Mayuyu said: “ah! Yukirin looks just like a dachshund!”