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Long story short: My friend has entered a contest to win some concert tickets that would put a couple days of sunshine into her life. I would love for her to win the chance to go, so I’ll be holding a raffle.

It’s easy. Create an account at, listen to her cover at, give her a THUMBS UP! if you like what you hear, and then let me know that you took the time to do so by leaving me a message with your name.

I will put your name into a spreadsheet and pick a random winner, who will receive 1000 JPY worth of items from the official SKE48 shop. Further instructions on how to register/vote here.

You can register through an e-mail address, a facebook account, or even a twitter account! So simple!

I’ll be accepting and checking names until August 10th, 08/10 and picking a winner the following week, regardless of whether my friend wins or not. 


SKE48 Team E - Utsukushii Inazuma (Kimoto Kanon/Shibata Aya center)

(p.s. whoever fell at 1:55 - nice recovery)

SKE48 130619 Deguchi Aki - Kareha no Station
出口陽 / 

I remember Rena saying she wanted Akisun to sing Kareha…♥w♥

All my votes are in! Yay \(^O^)/

A reminder that all votes have to be in by June 7 @ 15:00 JST. Here is a countdown timer. Submit them now to be safe!

From SKE48’s 2012 Request Hour. Ranking at #37, Selection8 (セレクション8) lineup (Deguchi Aki, Sato Mieko, Furukawa Airi, Ishida Anna, Hara Minami, Furuhata Nao, Yamashita Yukari, Futamura Haruka) performs HALATION (ハレーション)

Please watch this because wow Neesan and Akisun and Airin wow babes wow Anna Haramina Yukapi babes wow Nao and Harutamu wow no stop


Neesan stop smirking oh my god