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Besides Airin, these are the KII members who were shuffled to Team S… Ah… Captain… ;__;

SKE48 Itte♥Koi48 Episode 7’s VTR "Let’s Walk Through the Abandoned Schoolhouse" (12:22) featuring: Takayanagi Akane, Yakata Miki (Sato Seira, Kato Tomoko)

translated by justanotherwota (♥)

(SPOILER:) Something that I really admire about Churi is how she really cares. This is not to imply in any way that other members may not care, but Churi really, really cares. She was already selected to be a part of this group because it’s known she’s a scaredy cat, yet she tried so hard to put up a strong face when they went into the nurse’s room for Miki. She ended up shouting a lot to try and make herself less scared, but, in the end, they both kind of broke down. They eventually go back, and you see the director (who is kind of a jerk), ask, “You want to do it again?” to a still sobbing and obviously upset Miki. Churi kind of glances over her shoulder at him, almost like she’s about to tell him off, but instead re-focuses on Miki and comforting Miki instead. That 0.0000001 second of a glare means a lot, especially coming from Churi who is known for her formality (she still and will forever refer to Jurina and Rena as Jurina-san and Rena-san, after all). They mention it a lot in the video, “She’s really a leader, huh,” but Churi says it herself. Quote, “Even though I’m the leader… No, it has nothing to do with that.” She doesn’t care because she has to, as the leader. She cares because she cares, and she’s the leader because she cares.

Twelve minutes is kind of long, but if you’ve got a few minutes, please start from about 8:45. 

Also, for extra jerk points, they later made Churi go back in alone.

Mikitti vs umeboshi <3

Akarin comes for a visit too /o/

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Yakata Miki and her troll kittens.