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GomaYukko Drabbles (3)

Happy | Drabble: 1,349 Words | 01
Yukko and Shiorin share dreams )

Birthday | Drabble: 1,817 Words | 02
Yukko keeps a journal )

To You | Drabble: 1,587 Words | 03
( The ability to type has become obsolete. They have people paid to do that for you, you know? )

greek mythology x ske48 || matsui jurina as achilles

Jurina forced a laugh and brought her legs up towards her chest slowly, as not to aggravate the wound further. She gripped the arrow embedded in her heel tightly, and briefly wondered if it would be worth it to try and pull it out. She tugged gently, experimenting, and quickly swallowed the scream that nearly escaped her throat. She chose instead to curl up a little bit tighter and bite down on her bottom lip.

She heard footsteps approaching.

"I knew it’d be you," Jurina said softly, her eyes squeezing shut even as the edges of her lips curled up. The other girl stayed silent for a moment.

"Does it hurt?"

Jurina laughed, genuinely this time, and she looked up to meet the older girl’s eyes.

"You know it does, Rena." A pause. "We both know that you always hit what you’re aiming for."

An intake of breath.

"And we both know that you never shoot without aiming."

Rena fidgeted, took a step back to put a little bit more distance between her and Jurina. Jurina looked back down at the ground and noticed the pebbles shaking. Then she heard the horses coming.

"I shouldn’t have told you," Jurina thought aloud, figuring there’d be no point in keeping secrets any more. "I shouldn’t have told you. It was a mistake to trust you. I should have known better."

Rena frowned.

"I would have still found out. I’m not dumb."

Jurina leaned forward and brushed her index finger against the exposed arrow’s tip, watching with fascination as it sliced the skin and drew more blood. She closed her eyes and exhaled slowly. She could feel herself growing weaker. Her free hand toyed with the handle of the knife tucked into her belt. 

"You would have. But it might have taken a little bit more time." She looked back up at Rena, who was fidgeting still. She drew out the blade.

"I would have liked to spend a little bit more time with you, Rena, before you betrayed me." Jurina smiled, a smile which faded when she saw the oncoming forces from afar. She held the blade with both of her hands, and pointed it towards her stomach.

"If anyone asks, Rena," a pause, "then tell them you killed me. You did, in some way, and, since I didn’t deserve it, then maybe they deserve the truth.”

greek mythology x ske48 || takayanagi akane as icarus

"Akane! A-Akane, where are you going?"

Akane swirled around, her wings flapping and bringing her up higher and higher. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, felt the sun’s warmth on her face, and thought, ‘I want to go closer.’

She peaked back down at Airi, who was still struggling. The image of her flapping her wings helplessly made Akane laugh. Not everyone was meant to fly, it seemed. She decided that she would go on without Airi. She closed her eyes again and took a deep breath.

"Airi!" She shouted, confident that Airi could hear her, "I’ll race you to the sun!"

And then Akane took off, enjoying the whistle of the wind in her ears and taking in all too quickly the swelling excitement because she was flying, she was flying, and it was all too good to be real.

She couldn’t hear Airi’s shouts from below, warning her, “Akane! Akane, don’t get too close to the sun! Your wings will melt—Akane!

The warmth grew stronger and stronger, until it was a little bit uncomfortable and maybe a little bit unbearable, but Akane was determined to go further, even as she began to notice that her strength was going, going

She was falling.

All of the sudden, Akane was experiencing a completely different type of flying. She was still flying, but she wasn’t in control anymore. She saw Airi from the corner of her eye for just a split second, a small dot too far off to the side screaming at her, and she tried to scream back before she realized how futile her actions were, how hopeless her situation was. She closed her eyes again and she fell, her feathers flying up from under her.

Akane was flying.

greek mythology x ske48 || yagami kumi as orpheus

"Do you trust me?"

That grin. There was something unsettling about that grin. Kumi squinted a bit at her, at Shiori, and, although every part of her brain screamed at her not to trust the Devil, she couldn’t think of an alternative. Kumi nodded.

"Good," the Devil chuckled, a raspy, throaty sound, and waved her hand at Kumi. "Walk. Walk until you’ve reached the other side, until you’re safely home. Walk and play for me, Kumi. Play a song that all of Hades will enjoy. If you look straight the whole time, and play a lovely melody, then your love will return back home with you."

Kumi nodded once more, ready to turn on her heels, when the Devil’s wife reached over and tapped her on the shoulder. Yukiko. The girl winked carefully and warned her softly, “Don’t ever look back, Kumi.”

Kumi began to walk. At first, from her saxophone, came pitiful, upsetting sounds. These were the feelings that Kumi had first felt when she had found her love dead after having tried to cross the street.

'An idiot,' Kumi thought, 'truly an idiot. But why did it have to be her?'

Kumi walked and walked and walked, past the suffering souls that had attempted to stone her on her way in, past the ones begging for their own release. It wasn’t until she was nearly halfway that she heard a noise differing from her environment - two hands, clapping. Kumi hesitated and came to a halt.

"Keep going, Kumi!"

Kumi nearly turned because that is Yuria’s voice, but Yuria screamed.

"Don’t look! You can’t look. Keep walking, Kumi. I’ll stand here, behind you. I won’t trip this time."

Kumi hesitated again (“B-but—!”) but sighed and lifted her mouthpiece to her lips again. She licked her dry lips and began playing again, a slightly quicker, more upbeat tune to which she walked faster and faster. Finally, the split came into view and Kumi anxiously played faster, ran clumsily with her saxophone swinging, and crossed over. Once over, she spun on her heels, her saxophone hanging by its strap by her side, and held her arms out, expecting to have Yuria fall into her arms. 

Instead, she saw the image of the other girl, one foot crossed and the other foot left on the other side, gaping at her. 

"K-Kumi," Yuria stuttered and looked down at her hands, which were quickly fading. Yuria choked as tears came down and she wailed, "You idiot! You looked too soon, you should have trusted me, I—

And then she was gone.

Happy Birthday to Okotteiru ♥

To: my partner in crime! my imaginary room-mate! the one who always supports me and encourages me unconditionally, even to the point of near-abuse! I’ve only been on this tumblr for a little bit less than a year, but I feel like okotteiru and I have become very close (maybe you don’t think so LOL “orz). I’m always thankful to you ♥ Please continue to look after me.

I hope that you have enjoyed everything I’ve tried to pump out of my brain in the past few days LOL I’m sorry that the majority of it sucks OTL. I’ll try to do better next time. I really do enjoy your attempts to boost my self-esteem, although you are very obviously biased. Also, I’m really sorry I couldn’t do the furuyanagi you wanted ;~; That idea is just… too much for me, even though I’m the one who came up with it, to handle. I can’t see myself putting it into words ;~; so I’m sorreh. Please don’t put me up for adoption.

I love ya! Let’s go play monopoly, okey?

If you haven’t already had the chance to, please go wish okotteiru a happy birthday! ^O^//