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Further proof that Kinchan exists in her own time-space continuum….


So the SKE girls are having a competition to decide who can roll the fastest.

First to step up into the mat is none other than SKE’s resident rebel herself, Yukko…

A bit of a rough start but she pulls through.

She clocks at 5.91 seconds. Not bad, not bad.

After her, SKE’s resident superwoman, Akarin takes her position next.

That was fast!

Sasuga! Akarin clocks in at 4.09 seconds and zooms past Yukko’s record.

Next up is SKE’s resident alien, Kinchan. But before she starts, Mizuki reminds her that she’ll have to roll faster than 4.09 seconds to get 1st place.

Kinchan: “4 seconds? Psh! I’ll do it in 3 seconds then!”

Oooh boy…. Anyway, she’s off!

Akarin, Yukko, Mizuki and everyone else seeing this: “Ehhh?!”

Erm… yeah. Mizuki clocks her in at an astounding 11.4 seconds.

Kinchan: “LIES!!! That thing lies! I went as fast as Yukko!”  (/゚Д゚)/ 

Yukko: “HAA~?!”

Kinchan: “… this is unexpected!”

*insert obligatory facepalm here*