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In this world full of liars,
I want to believe in you, and
tear down this frivolous world around us.



Kumi sounded so happy when she saw Yuria in the camera screen~

And then she sounded so disappointed when she saw Ogiso too. LOL

; ___; Poor Kumi. Go win her back!

KII’s sensuality specialist is forever ruining Kumi’s happiness T_T


#15: Full Speed Ahead


Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ogiso Shiori, Kizaki Yuria; OgiYuri

Word Count: 1955

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1Ogiyuri finally successful after idk how many attempts


1Ogiyuri finally successful after idk how many attempts


110525 Kizaki Yuria vs. Ogiso Shiori on SKE48 1+1 wa 2 janai yo! (*1+1 isn’t 2!)

One of the hilarious Youtube comments:
“Yukko and Kuumin are going to go crazy”

TL Note:
Ai = love (the serious kind!)
Daisuki = literally “big like”, but I will translate it as “love” too, since it’s more than just “like” after all. Hopefully that doesn’t confuse anyone too badly. OTL

Yuria: Ogi-channn!
Ogiso: Yuriaaaa! Ah, we’ve been seen.
Yuria: First sit down and then (scoots forward)
Ogiso: Good afternoon!
Yuria: Good afternoon- We don’t actually know if it’s “good afternoon”.
Ogiso: Good day!
Yuria: Okay, SKE48 1+1 wa 2 janai yo! Yayyyy!
Ogiso: Yayyyy!
Yuria: You were late.
Ogiso: Ah, sorry.
Yuria: Tokai radio listeners, are you watching~? SKE48’s Team S’s Kizaki Yuria and…!
Ogiso: Team KII’s Ogiso Shiori! Yayy!
Yuria: Yayy! I love you Ogi-chan! Okay! On that note, from here on out, we, the two of us, will be hosting this! Yayyy!
Ogiso: Yayy!
Yuria: We are delivering this sh-ohhh, well then, this time is the third-
Ogiso: Are you okay?
Yuria: I’m fine, I’m fine.
Ogiso: Can you try that again from the top?
Yuria: This time is the third round of “me being able to do what I want for a week” which is what we discussed… but Gomatalk Kanji was a big success!
Ogiso: Yayyy!
Yuria: This time with my beloved Ogi-chan, my Ogi-chan, I said that twice since for the radio’s sake. Right, Ogi-chan? We had a fun time.
Ogiso: Now you’ve done it, haven’t you?
Yuria: Get out of here. Yeah, on that note, it was fun, right?
Ogiso: It was fun. Well, I was happy that Yuria called me here, and if we’re talking about kanji and Yuria, she’s kind of an idiot right? So usually, I am honestly worried about her. As a human being, I want to teach Yuria some common sense. And even Yuria’s fans, they asked me to.
Yuria: Really?
Ogiso: Yeah, they’d say “Concerning Yuria, please” and things like that. The fans too, did this because they were really thinking of Yuria.
Yuria: So, that much, right?
Ogiso: Yes, that’s why there was a lot of kanji. There’s a still a lot now. The time was a little short, since we just had 3 minutes, so even though there’s a large portion that we didn’t hit-
Yuria: But you know, wasn’t it almost inhumane? With the hard kanji.
Ogiso: Yeah, I also thought it was pretty hard.
Yuria: Some words with “umi (sea)” and “hoshi (star)” even came up.
Ogiso: Everyone, you’re such bullies aren’t you?
Yuria: That’s mean, dear.
Ogiso: “Dear”
Yuria: Gosh… I was troubled.
Ogiso: I also thought that it was pretty difficult, but everyone’s love for Yuria, has really been conveyed.
Yuria: Thank you very much.Isn’t Ogi-chan’s love for me even bigger than that?
Ogiso: Eh?
Yuria: Ogi-chan’s-
Ogiso: It’s not like that. I have confidence that I love Yuria— Saying I love her is kind of disgusting, right? “Like a lot” then. [*From friendship level to serious love level, the ranking for words goes ‘suki’ (like) < ‘daisuki’ (literally “big” like) < ‘ai’ (love)]
Yuria: It’s not yuri*. Don’t misinterpret this. It’s not yuri. (*yuri = girls love)
Ogiso: I like her a lot, please don’t worry. Umm, yeah. Usually, with Yuria, even though there’s quite a few years between us, she’s like my little sister, like in this sister-sister relationship. Right? Um, like I always feel like I have to be the pull myself together and be strong, but today, before I was watching Yuria while she was concentrating and really pulling herself together, I’m an oshi for her serious face.
Yuria: “Serious face” oshi, right? But you know, you don’t really think that I managed to pull myself together, right?
Ogiso: No, I think so, really.
Yuria: Really?
Ogiso: Yeah. You did it, quite well.
Yuria: You’re envious aren’t you? People over there.
Ogiso: No, I think they’d be envious of me too.
Yuria: Nonono. Well you know? You know, Ogi-chan, I love you.
Ogiso: Yeah, I love Yuria too.
Yuria: Let’s start a life together.
Ogiso: You want to? That’s not it. That’s not it, right now, let’s properly do this. Your mother is also watching you know.
Yuria: I’m sorry.
Ogiso: This is how things usually are between us, honestly. I’m sorry. Okay.
Yuria: Okay. It’s fine, right?
Ogiso: Yeah, our usual selves… let’s just show them.
Yuria: That’s true. Okay!
Ogiso: Okay!