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how to get mukaida manatsu to date me

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Long story short: My friend has entered a contest to win some concert tickets that would put a couple days of sunshine into her life. I would love for her to win the chance to go, so I’ll be holding a raffle.

It’s easy. Create an account at, listen to her cover at, give her a THUMBS UP! if you like what you hear, and then let me know that you took the time to do so by leaving me a message with your name.

I will put your name into a spreadsheet and pick a random winner, who will receive 1000 JPY worth of items from the official SKE48 shop. Further instructions on how to register/vote here.

You can register through an e-mail address, a facebook account, or even a twitter account! So simple!

I’ll be accepting and checking names until August 10th, 08/10 and picking a winner the following week, regardless of whether my friend wins or not. 


Kind of weird, but I thought I’d announce it quietly. I am in the process of leaving this account. I have made a new one, here at Follow if you’d like, but I’m not expecting anything. 

I’ll leave it like this, instead of getting into the details. I’m looking to finish up some more business related issues on this account, and then leave it to rest. Thank you all for your kindness for the past few years!

Take care.

I haven’t done a personal post in a while, it feels like, so here goes. 

I first made this tumblr for the sole purpose of finding others who were interested in 48s. I was a new fan at the time and was feeling a bit “lonely” because I had no one to talk to. I’d grown out of feeling comfortable on forums, so somehow, this seemed like a good idea. Two years later, I can say it definitely was. I’ve met countless amazing people on this tumblr (and on twitter) that have really made each day better for me. 

To wen48, who was an old fandom friend that I was able to reconnect with and find even greater things in common than before. She recently went to Japan, as I’m sure you all know, and was incredibly generous and thoughtful to me, some kid living in the US that she’s never met before, the entire time. She asked me if I wanted the SKE48 Tokyo Dome shirt, and I said yes, yes, yes, and she mailed it to me. 

To justanotherwota, okotteiru, thecreepyone, jocelyne03, warukii, and tsukiyonobandayo who have all become family to me. They knew how much I’ve been dying to get ahold of at least one of Churi’s birthday shirts, so they pitched in and got me her 2011 shirt. Through a dumb human error, they bought me the same one twice, but that just makes the entire situation so funny and memorable. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you guys.

There are just so many people that I’ve met in this fandom that I’m happy to have all met. Thank you to you all for being who you are and welcoming a dumb, new fan like me. Not only the people mentioned by name here, but to the much more who wished me a happy birthday today, who sent me photos and cards and asked me to have a nice day. And not only today, my birthday, but to those who are kind to me every day. I’m not always deserving of it, so thank you so much.

I’m so lucky to have met such great people. Really, thanks. This has been a great birthday.

Someone I Like Ranks Well vs. Someone I Like Doesn’t Rank Well. Two reactions pictured here by Paruru. Pics aren’t mine.

google search:

how to get mukaida manatsu to date me

Anonymous asked: ARGGGHH I missed Kaneko!! How much votes did you do?

Good try \(^w^)/

My votes were like this:

Takahashi Minami x 6
Takayanagi Akane x 6
Kaneko Shiori x 3
Yokoyama Yui x 2
Deguchi Aki x 1 

All my votes are in! Yay \(^O^)/

A reminder that all votes have to be in by June 7 @ 15:00 JST. Here is a countdown timer. Submit them now to be safe!