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週刊ヤングジャンプ 2012 No.40 菅本裕子


週刊ヤングジャンプ 2012 No.40 菅本裕子

Get to Know: HKT48’s, Team H, Sugamoto “Yuukosu” Yuko

Born May 20, 1994, Yuukosu was previously the oldest member in HKT48, something she boasted about in her senbatsu election video, even as she struggled to chug a cup of coffee, black. Despite this, she has the face of a child and often finds herself being teased by her younger teammates and, when she forgets to save her pokemon game, being comforted by them. Yuukosu claims that her charm point is her eyes, but she is known for her wabbit teeth, her baby face, and her bo-bo-body.

Yuukosu: I've always been the oldest member of HKT48...
Yuukosu: And I was the one who was often teased by members...
Murashige: But but but but!
Murashige: Yuukosu has...
Murashige: *To Sasshi* Bigger breasts!