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"If Takamina slumps in the election, then we would have something to really think about. She’s working very hard and is prioritizing the happiness of others without thinking about her own, just like the oldest sister would for her sisters. That’s not good. That’s why we have to make it so that Takamina herself can become happier."
-AkiP’s comment on Takamina placing 18th in the preliminary results
Translated by Whistler (source)
Anonymous asked: ARGGGHH I missed Kaneko!! How much votes did you do?

Good try \(^w^)/

My votes were like this:

Takahashi Minami x 6
Takayanagi Akane x 6
Kaneko Shiori x 3
Yokoyama Yui x 2
Deguchi Aki x 1 

All my votes are in! Yay \(^O^)/

A reminder that all votes have to be in by June 7 @ 15:00 JST. Here is a countdown timer. Submit them now to be safe!

We will follow Takamina


Tomochin’s Twitter:7:40 p.m.たかみなの帽子、王冠♡笑Takamina’s hat, it’s like a crown♡lol


Tomochin’s Twitter:
7:40 p.m.

Takamina’s hat, it’s like a crown